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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

It is such an exciting time at J. Barrett Floral Designs. We are enjoying a short Texas summer wedding break, but getting ready for the rush of wedding season that will be upon us before we know it. How is it already almost July 4th?!


When I "officially" started this business two years ago I really hit the ground running. I knew I needed certain tax forms, etc to get going but I really didn't focus on the background pieces that make a business grow. I have already had so much growth over the years just from word of mouth from friends and photographers that I have had the pleasure of working with, that the idea of creating a platform to have a "launching pad" (so to speak) for my business really didn't occur to me, or even appeal to me.

I'm so thankful that I have had the opportunity to grow my business organically and not have to push & shove my way through bridal expos and wedding expos in order to get my name out there, (Not that my name is out there in lights or anything) but I do feel that I am starting to find my way through this unexpected journey and adventure of floral design!


So, now I am starting this new chapter in my floral design book. It's called "blogging". (I almost put flogging, but that's a whole other subject that we won't get in to.) I've never been in to the blogging scene because the thought of someone else reading what I'm thinking is, quite frankly, nauseating, horrific, terrifying... you get the point! Please, judge me for my flower arranging, but please don't judge me on my thoughts. I can't control what goes on in there (hahaha... awkward laugh).

If you are still reading this I thank you. If I lost you at flogging, then I totally understand. I hope that this endeavor creates a beautifully, open canvas for me to put out into the world the beauty, peace, and true serenity (another post for another day on how flower arranging helps calm and center me) that I find when I work with flowers. I truly believe you get what you give and so I hope this puts out the positivity I hope to receive.

Until next time, stay well and enjoy the flowers!

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